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Hey you, who ever is reading this.

I just released two songs that are really old to me and been sitting around for atleast a year or 2 and thought what the hell lets post em / upload.



Unkown Soul



I've been actually been working on three other songs that has more my attention than those two.

One of the songs are done kinda, like 87% complete. Just trying to make sure I don't make it sound as muddy and lazy like one of the songs I linked up above.

I've been working on it for about for like...........I don't know 6-7 months give'er or take, kinda off on my own leisure when ever I feel.

Mostly I do these songs as a hobby than actually anything else, but stll enjoyable.

Also theirs the second song that had a major rework to it, I was trying to aim for a time trave concept, but that went horribly, horribly wrong, so that got scractched completly.

Did however work to my benefit to kinda doing like a bit of a Blade Runner style sound, so that's going pretty well.

Yup, also the third song I just kinda started with it. Think I got it to like 1 full minute so far outta of it, but I don't know where it's gonna lead might get finished or get scrapped, but probably not....hopefully. Really enjoying the sound with it, anyways.

So mostly if you haven't notice, I do mostly do Industrial songs and sounds seems to be my go to thing and thats pretty much how I do that.

Anyways so if you enjoy listening to my music thank you for listening and don't feel hesitant to comment on anything really.

Might take me a while to see and respond to any comment, cause I kinda just jump on here to post my music I make then bail without much notice. Just so I have a library of how far I come in my creation see if its even really worth still doing.

Welp thats all I got thanks for reading this

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